Sony’s 3D Receiver

New to this form of technology I know little about it, however it looks to damn sexy not to post about it. The specs are baffling and for $500 the STR-DN1010 can be yours, having would of these would put my TV to shame!
For the full specs and more info, check out this link.


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256MB SD

Yeah that’s right, an SD card that holds 60 photos. It’s a photo album that is available for $9.99 pre-order and is to be released in april. I wonder if the lock function works? Source: Spinning Hat.

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Aspiral Clock

A new type of clock where the spiral rotates slightly every hour causing the ball to move, showing you what hour it is. With a massive price tag of $545 I won’t be getting one of these in the near future however the creators of the Aspiral are hoping to team up with a manufacture to reduce the cost. Video of the clock in action can be found here.

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unfortunately running Windows Mobile 6.5.3 and not Andriod, the HD Mini is beautiful with it’s yellow/golden back.

Specs-wise, the 3.2-inch capacitive HVGA screen has 320 X 480 pixels, a 600Mhz processor has been used, and RAM and ROM are at 384MB and 512MB respectively. The camera is the typical 5.0-megapixel autofocus/flash affair, and Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi are included—you can actually turn the phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, like with the HD2.

Look’s sexy but I doubt it would do much for my obsessive nature, one scratch and it’s gone.. Source: Gizmodo

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Bug Labs With Android

The Bug 2.0, including a Cortex A8-based OMAP3 core, a big jump from the ARM11 and capable of running android! No official release date yet but the Bug 2.0 is compatible with all previous bug modules, if your not familiar with the bug products, you can find more information here.

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An interesting idea, surprisingly one of the first like it, a USB hub with storage for your USB devices. I tend to keep mine somewhere organized like the floor but if you have trouble finding yours, check out the hubox.

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Falling Bookend’s

Poor little guy’s about to get squashed, Can’t see how these bookend’s would work too well with many books but still stylish, more information and pictures can be found here.

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